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Color Rush Austin Bryant Jersey
The Lions fell behind the Bears 26-0 on their way to a third straight loss by a double-digit margin in Week 10 and that leaves them with a 3-6 record in nine games under first-year head coach Matt Patricia.With an offensive line that’s allowed 16 sacks the last two weeks and a defense that isn’t consistently making stops http://www.lionslockerroom.com/authentic...ggs-jersey , some might believe that things have gone off the rails in Detroit. Whether that’s the case or not, Patricia said the team isn’t panicking about the way things have played out.“I believe in this team and we’re going to work real hard every single day,” Patricia said, via the Detroit Free Press. “I think the guys in that room have a great understanding of what they are and what we’re going to do as a team. We’re not hitting the panic button right now or anything like that right now. We’re just trying to get better. I think that’s our biggest thing is just try get some improvement.”It’s a test of a coach to find a way to pull things together when it seems like things are coming apart at the seams and this will be Patricia’s first chance to show he’s able to do that. The Lions have three straight home games, but stopping the slide won’t be easy.The Lions will be facing the Panthers and Bears in a five-day span with the Rams visiting in Week 13 Austin Bryant Jersey 2019 , so Patricia and company have their work cut out for them in the coming weeks. That was a fun week, wasn’t it? The Detroit Lions picked up a huge win on the road against the Miami Dolphins. They racked up the most rushing yards they’ve had in 20 years. And a couple days later, they traded for exactly the kind of player they needed for just a fifth-round pick. The optimism cup overfloweth and dreams of division crowns and playoff wins danced in our heads. Then the entire franchise was able to flush those dreams in a matter of three hours in front of their loyal, overexcited fans. It was a wild few days of partying, but the hangover always hits the hardest after the best nights. Of course Color Rush Austin Bryant Jersey , this is all a little melodramatic for a simple 14-point loss to a team that is probably a little better than most were giving them credit for, but there are certainly reasons to come down from last week’s artificial expectations, and that’s what we’ll be talking about on this week’s PODcast.But we want your voices to be heard, too. In the comment section below, or using the hashtag #AskPOD on Twitter Cheap Austin Bryant Jersey , send us your questions about this Lions team, or anything else on your mind. Halloween questions? Let’s get it. Black Friday preview? Sure, why not? We’ve got a whole bunch of answers waiting for your tender ear. Download and subscribe to the PODcast on these new platforms: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | ART19
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