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Another factor associated with Mice Experimentation is the convenience. Considering there are numerous federal regulations regarding safety for drugs Ferguson Jenkins Womens Jersey , scientists and researchers make use of Mice Experimentation for testing any new procedures.
Mice Experimentation in Research
Before scientists can go ahead and test the effects of a newly developed medicine on humans, they test them on mice because it can be really dangerous to give an untested medicine to humans for testing purposes. In biomedical research, considering mice as models of humans carries out Mice Experimentation. This works by giving the scientists and researchers understand the human body and its functions after testing new treatments on them.
Using Mice Experimentation for Testing
When new chemicals and products are developed, Mice Experimentation is carried out to evaluate the impact of these chemicals and their safety. The vaccinations developed for medical purposes are also first tested on mice. Testing by using Mice Experimentation is also used for gauging toxicity. These tests are meant to measure what the limited or repeated long-term use or exposure of a medicine or chemical will do. With the help of Mice Experimentation, the damages any chemicals cause to the cells can be measured. These experiments can also help in determining whether a chemical or medicine can be the cause of cancer or can cause birth defects or mutates the genes in any way.
Mice Experimentation for Teaching and Education
In medical and veterinary education, Mice Experimentations are really common. However, the use of mice in these experiments is relatively less than it is in testing and research. This is because in teaching and education, animals are used for studying anatomy while in research the purpose of using animals is studying genes and effects. Hence, the use of mice in the latter category is more useful and frequent due to the genetic similarity between humans and mice.
Role of Mice Experimentation in Medical advancements
There are many diseases and health conditions about which various discoveries have been made through Mice Experimentation. Scientists recently made us of anti-bodies from the mouse to make a drug that can potentially prevent or slow down blindness. There is macular degeneration, which is the cause of blindness. The drug developed has been tested for and found to be capable of slowing the progression of macular degeneration related to age. In gene therapy, mice are extremely useful. Using mice, scientists have discovered that by delivering nanometer-sized silver particles, some of the symptoms prevailing from haemophilia can actually be reversed. This kind of gene therapy has been found to be useful if compensation of the effects that mutated DNA can cause. Autism has been a disease that has researched for decades now. Through Mice Experimentation, scientists recently discovered that there is not just one gene involved in people having genetic-based autism. In mice, scientists found two genes that, when mutated, became the cause of autism by interacting with each other, hence affecting brain growth and sociability.
There are many different mice used in Mice Experimentation. These include inbred mice, which are inbred and hence are predisposed to be genetically identical. Then there are transgenic mice that have been genetically engineered and one or more genes are injected into them, as in case of breast cancer. Immunodeficient mice are used in carrying out AIDS research.

Paul Eric is a co-author of Mice Extermination webpage. He has also written about Rodent Control at a Glance

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